Call for Papers

Submission deadline: Friday 24 January
Please submit via - "Contribution Submission" menu on the top of this page


The general topics below are indicative of the subject matters to be considered:

    • Academics and scholars working in the fields of energy, natural resources or environmental economics,
    • Policy makers and officials in governments, international institutions and regulatory agencies,
    • Energy analysts working for local authorities, development agencies, consumer bodies, NGOs,
    • Business leaders and practitioners.

From a methodological perspective, the conference welcomes contributions based on: analytical models, econometrics, experiments, surveys, rigorous institutional analyses and case studies, simulation models, equilibrium models, optimization models. Interdisciplinary works with all areas of the natural, social or engineering sciences are also welcome.


The general topics below are indicative of the subject matters to be considered:

    • Energy and climate change: emission modeling, mitigation and adaptation, carbon pricing, cap and trade developments
    • Energy transition: national strategies, impact of circular and shared economy on energy, dealing with stranded assets
    • Energy corridors and infrastructures: energy transportation and distribution assets, pipelines, cross-border electricity interconnections, regulation,  
    • Energy as a service: end-user energy demand, energy consumer behavior, Nudges in electricity consumption
    • Energy in transportation: trends in vehicle sales, zero-emission vehicles, autonomous vehicles
    • Energy systems: sector coupling and optimization, flexible energy systems, circular economy, hydrogen as a new energy vector
    • Energy and macroeconomics: innovation, growth, employment, international trade.
    • Energy and finance: investments, risks, financial and insurance markets, fossil fuel divestment
    • Energy and business: new and disruptive business models, Green innovations, Blockchain experiments and regulation
    • Energy policies: key players, theory, regulation, institutional barriers, conflicts with trade laws 
    • Energy and local initiatives: local mobilization, land-use, district heating, microgrids, dealing with socio impacts
    • Energy and Big Data: data analytics initiatives in the energy sector
    • Smart grids and new electricity market regulations: death spiral of utilities, demand charges, load management, storage, renewable integration, ancillary services, microgrids, Energy storage and electrification
    • Fossil energy sources: market developments, innovation, environmental impacts, responsible extraction, unconventional oil and gas, LNG trade 
    • Nuclear energy: projects, outlooks and industry developments
    • Biofuels and Bioenergy: current markets, cellulosic and next generation biofuels, biopolymers
    • Renewable energy sources: supporting schemes, market opportunities